The conference begins with a registration and reception event, Thursday afternoon, October 16.

A preconference at the Carter Library is available for interested attendees.

The full conference schedule is as follows:


Preconference at the Carter Center, 12:30-3:30

Registration and Reception, 4:30-5:45, 8th floor, Twenty Five Park Place
25PP is located on the Georgia State University main campus, two short and walkable blocks from the Residence Inn. Food and beverage reception service will start at 5:00.

Keynote, 6:00 – 7:15; 8th floor, Conference room 830, Twenty Five Park Place
“Networking Authority and Possibility:  Kaleidescapes of Contemporary Public Address”
G. Thomas Goodnight (University of Southern California)

Chair: Catherine Palczewski (University of Northern Iowa)
Respondents: Barbara Biesecker (University of Georgia) and Pat Gehrke (University of South Carolina)


All Friday and Saturday plenary sessions will take place at the Loudermilk Conference Center.

8:00-8:45: Continental Breakfast

Authority in Institutional Settings

9:00-10:45: “Myth, Memory, and the Invocation of Presidential Authority”
​​Leroy Dorsey (University of Memphis)
Chair: Shawn Parry-Giles (University of Maryland)
​Respondents: Michael Hogan (Penn State University) and Vanessa Beasley (Vanderbilt University)

11:12-45: “Pioneers, Prophets and Evildoers: Mapping the Authority of Science in George W. Bush’s Public Address”
​​Leah Ceccarelli (University of Washington)
Chair: John Lynch (University of Cincinnati)
Respondents: John Lyne (University of Pittsburgh) and John Murphy (University of Illinois)

1:00-1:45: Lunch in Loudermilk

Challenging Hegemonic Authority

2:00-3:45: “’AIDS Knows No Borders’: Activist Rhetoric Against the US Ban on HIV+​​​Immigration”
Karma Chavez (University of Wisconsin)
​Chair: Charles Morris III (Syracuse University)
Respondents; Jeffrey Bennett (University of Iowa) and David Cisneros (University of Illinois)

4:00-5:45: “Mourning King: Memory, Black Rage, and the Shaping of Black Power”
Lisa Corrigan (University of Arkansas)
​Chair: Kirt Wilson (Penn State University)
Respondents: Robert Terrill (Indiana University) and Eric King Watts (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)


8:00-8:45: Continental Breakfast

Authority and Civic Practice

9:00-10:45: “Mapping the Limits of Expert Authority in Local Deliberations over Education Policy”
Robert Asen (University of Wisconsin)
Chair: Dave Tell (University of Kansas)
​Respondents: Catherine Chaput (University of Nevada, Reno) and Peter Simonson (University of Colorado, Boulder)

11:00-12:45: “Imaginary Travels: Mapping the World in the Nineteenth-Century U.S. Lyceum,”
Angela Ray (Northwestern University)
Chair: Paul Stob (Vanderbilt University)
Respondents: Jim Jasinski (University of Puget Sound) and Susan Zaeske (University of Wisconsin)


Transcendent Authority

2:30-4:15 “Agreeing to Perpetually Disagree—Stasis, Enjoyment and Democratic Authority”
Christian Lundberg (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Chair: Martin J. Medhurst (Baylor University)
​Respondents:  Josh Gunn (University of Texas, Austin) and Ronald Greene (University of Minnesota)

5:30-6:30 Reception

6:30-7:30 Dinner

7:30- 8:30 Honoring Michael Osborn
​Chair: James Darsey (Georgia State University)
Honoree: Michael Osborn (University of Memphis)
​Speakers: John Lucaites (Indiana University) and Roderick Hart (University of Texas, Austin)

8:30: Closing and announcement of next host